For almost 30 years, IREOS s.p.a. has been working in environment services and for over 15 in environment reclamation. It was founded by Professor Stelio Munari, yet Ordinary of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Genoa, and it employs a professional and trained staff and receives the collaboration of the most experienced workers of this very sector. By using own means, at the moment IREOS makes characterisations and analytical place enquiries, land and stratum reclamation in industrial and civil areas, reclamation from asbestos and from other dangerous substances on both industrial and civil plants and buildings; even on plants directly or indirectly connected to itself, it manages and organises waste recovery and/or disposal, makes and manages plants connected to the waste cycle, being able to solve chemical problems and about dangerous and non-dangerous waste. Moreover, IREOS' s specialists can provide highly qualified consulting.

IREOS always grants the highest professional skill, quality and services to its customers. Love and care for the environment have brought IREOS to develop the research of technologies and solutions; these should possibly be easy, economically bearable and apt for the environment, but always in the lead. For this reason IREOS has always believed and employed a lot of its power in the human resources, trying to deduce the incitements and the ideas to be used by its team from the individual human experience. This is made in order to create an environment as much important as the natural one and essential for the firm success: the work environment.

Because an agency is composed above all by its components and by the inner working mood.

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